Entrepreneurs love their independence.
Empowery helps you be Independent. Together.

- Steve Simonson

Empowery eCommerce Cooperative.

Do you believe that people working together can accomplish more than one person can do on their own?

Imagine the limitless potential of your business if you joined with other businesses, taking advantage of the collective size and influence while retaining your independence!

Running a business on your own can be difficult. We've been there!

What if you had a group of allies, all intent on the same goal?

Welcome to Empowery. The Empowery eCommerce Cooperative is about uniting the power of individual Internet Sellers so that each member can accomplish more. In the co-op culture, you are never on your own.

Empowery is the first co-op focused on eCommerce. A Cooperative is a partnership between business owners, in which each member’s success contributes to the power of the co-op.

Empowery members have access to a network of successful business owners on whose expertise they can rely on to help them over business-related speed bumps. In return, your knowledge and experience add valuable authority to the group.

You can belong to a select group of associates invested in your success and actively working together to help each other succeed. Empowery is the conduit through which your business will increase and flourish.

Join us. Together we are better. Together we are stronger.

Together, we are Empowery.

Why do we exist?

We are e-commerce focused entrepreneurs that have joined together to enhance our own businesses by working with others.

We truly believe we are BETTER TOGETHER.

Our mission is to empower the entrepreneur’s lives by bringing resources, knowledge, and suppliers of all kinds together in the EMPOWERY marketplace.

Members achieve faster growth, with higher systemization and scale, combined with stability with a long-term sustainable business that builds equity for the entrepreneur.

Who do we serve?

Our members are eCommerce focused companies, especially those who are strong on the Amazon Marketplace or other similar marketplaces anywhere in the world. We do have membership requirements which will be available for review later.

Where are our members located?

Members can be located anywhere in the world, although the primary efforts of bringing the buying power to the cooperative is focused on North America and the EU to start with. This means to get the best benefit for your membership your business should be focused on doing business in North America or the EU. Our cooperative is founded in Minnesota and based on the 308B Cooperative Associations laws.