Collective Bargaining Agreements for eCommerce Companies

On Hack the Process Podcast, Barth explains what makes online selling such a great match for the cooperative business model.

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Moving Mindfully from Planning Into Action!

In an industry like online commerce that’s so dominated by big players like Amazon, a cooperative may be the answer to giving the small business owner a voice. 

That’s what Barth Getto is trying to make happen with Empowery, a member-owned nonprofit designed to support eCommerce sellers in running their companies, promoting their interests, and getting the best rates on the services they need to be successful. 

In this episode of Hack the Process, Barth explains what makes online selling such a good match for the cooperative business model, why his years working in more traditional industries prepared him for this opportunity, and how Empowery leverages online services to support employees all across the United States and members around the world.

M. David Green from Hack the Process Podcast goes into detail about cooperatives and why Empowery is unlike any other focusing solely on eCommerce!

Episode #68, published on September 5th, 2018, Hack the Process Podcast with M. David Green. 

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