Greg LeVine interviews Barth Getto on Action Now CFO

An eCommerce Cooperative allows you to make better choices for your online business while avoiding costly mistakes.

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What is peaking the interest of the eCommerce Community? 

We’re offering the only cooperative bringing e-commerce entrepreneurs a whole new world of empowerment and opportunity in eCommerce.

Listen to Greg LeVine from Action Now CFO get into the details behind an eCommerce Cooperative with the Mr. Barth Getto. 

Episode published on August 27th, 2018, Action Now CFO Podcast with Greg LeVine. 

What do we believe?

  1. We believe in winning.
  2. We believe in the Golden Rule.
  3. We believe in long-term relationships.
  4. We believe that we are better together.
  5. We believe Entrepreneurs are changing the world.
  6. We believe in putting our name on everything we do.
  7. We believe Entrepreneurs make the world a better place.
  8. We believe a winning Strategy is a prerequisite to success.
  9. We believe in honoring our commitments without exception.
  10. We believe in PEOPLE: Our members. Our team. Our partners.
  11. We believe in doing the right thing; even when nobody is looking.

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