The Sales Evangelist Podcast with Barth Getto on Co-op eCommerce Leadership

Barth, who leads a collection of independent entrepreneur members that sell in the eCommerce space, discusses Empowery.

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Sales from the Street: "Your Legend"

Leadership is difficult. Even when the people you’re leading have something in common, it’s tough to lead a varied group of people. Leading a group of independent, free-thinking employees presents a unique challenge, but it’s one that allows you to leave your mark.

On this episode of The Sales Evangelist, Barth Getto, formerly with Empowery eCommerce Cooperative, talks about the challenges of leading a varied group of people well.

Listen to Donald's interview with Barth about leadership, co-op opportunities and the big-picture eCommerce goals established for Empowery!

Epsidode #889, published on August 15th, 2018, by The Sales Evangelist Podcast.

If you’re a listener in the eCommerce space selling through any major marketplace, Barth would love to talk with you about becoming a member of the cooperative. 

The costs are nominal but the benefits are huge. The co-op provides a support network — a sort of safety net — and helps you sort through the wild-west aspect of eCommerce.

Grab a copy of the book Turn the Ship Around that Barth mentioned during the podcast!

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