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There are different membership levels with different benefits with the Empowery Cooperative.

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There are different membership levels with different benefits.

The ideal level to sell is silver which makes the customer into a shareholder of the co-op. *note the $1000 on boarding is a one time cost. The $1000 share of stock is refunded if the member ever leaves the co-op.

We tried to create a page, but we don’t feel it is communicating clearly:

On the page we try to articulate some of the tangible values like free reviews, audits, services that are available from vendors who are participating.

At it’s core the co-op should represent: 

1) Buying Power - instead of every member trying to invent the wheel the co-op vetts and curates the best vendors who agree to offer betting pricing, perks and cash back. This alone is worth the price of membership since a buying group has more leverage vs. a single customer. 

* We help entrepreneur led organizations SAVE $$.
* The most focused members can earn MORE than their membership.

2) Community/Knowledge - Every week there are LIVE content deliveries from experts that are tactical and strategic in nature. The knowledge sharing is intended to be shared not just with the entrepreneur, but also their team. By sharing knowledge we build a community that helps each other in a long term sustainable way. We also have Facebook groups and other communication methods for members.
* Weekly LIVE knowledge downloads exclusively for Shareholders including subjects like:
- Increased Amazon ranking strategies
- Better PPC management
- Copywriting
- How to Cope with Rising Tariffs and other trade war issues
- How to build a cohesive company organization 

* Community access to each other and leadership anytime online

3) Influence - eCommerce sellers, and particularly Amazon marketplace sellers, need a voice. One unified voice that can work to protect sellers from onerous and one side policies set by Amazon, Walmart or even state and federal governments. We have been fighting unfair sales tax practices, unfair Amazon suspensions of sellers and working on other initiatives to help sellers survive in a very dynamic world.

4) Independent.Together. - We want members to know they retain their independence. But at the same time if we work together to support the co-op we build a team that can help members when they need it. This “ON DEMAND CORPORATE OFFICE” gives otherwise lonely and isolated entrepreneurs a lifeline to help. The full time team running the co-op will delivery Empathy, Expertise, and access to vetted solutions that may otherwise be unknown to the entrepreneur. This is a MASSIVE BENEFIT in it’s own right.

Our vision is on point. Co-ops exist all over the world as successful models for businesses to work together. We need to pioneer this concept in ecommerce.

As a non-profit member owed cooperative we serve the interests of our members and shareholders. I am actually an unpaid Volunteer, but the small team working to run the co-op is delivering amazing value!

Isn't it time you joined this coop?

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